Lookingthruwolfseyes@hotmail.com /  www.PayPal.com or send a check too  Shar Schwindt 25410 Harwell St. Brooksville, Fl. 34601.

                               352-293-5866 or 352-444-4188


     I can really use some help out here if ya want to contribute would be a blessing to help with fencing, their meds, feed, hay, and fixing structure thats falling apart. You can contribute in Lookingthruwolfseyes@hotmail.com /  www.PayPal.com or send a check too  Shar Schwindt 25410 Harwell St. Brooksville, Fl. 34601. I am not a 501c3, I'm a EIN which means individual employee.Running every thing alone no pay, no help. So I would appreciate it for the help! I definitely work my buns off till 10 pm. Non stop.


                                              Animal Sanctuary

   An animal sanctuary is a facility where animals are brought to live and be protected for the rest of their lives. Unlike animal shelters, sanctuaries do not seek to place animals with individuals or groups, instead maintaining each animal until its natural death.


        No trespassing ,PRIVATE PROPERTY -Meet my son with the horns,COCO MY HUGE COW. He runs pretty damn fast and can jump 6 ft easy. He's a lot bigger now. He's huge. I never knew cows could get as big as he is. Reminds me of a buffalo. He's very wide and fat now, and tall. Only 2 yrs old. He was a Co Co color, but now he s solid black. Ya gotta love life! He's a sweet heart. He loves taring down fencing. But he never leaves the property.I got to a point, tired of repairing the same ol fence every day, I said screw the fence, leave all gates open. He's like a bulldozer. If I call him, he'll tear down any fence to get to me. It's amazing watching him. He's in love with a horse I just got in with Cushing disease. Meds/feed/hoofs is high dollar to keep her in good health. By the way, you wouldn't want to trespass cause Co Co runs very fast,jumps real high, he's all black to where ya cant see him sink his horns into ya.

Coco is alot heavier now. He's about 4 feet wide. No hip bones showing.

This is the horse that was dumped out here that has cushing decease. Fur was 5 inches long, in knots tight to her skin, bottom half of her body was thick black mud. I've been doing a lot to help this horse. I can use some help, would be a blessing.

                 before                                                           after

    Hi I'm Lookingthruwolfseyes Windenmyhair I also go by Shawnee,

                                         to protect the wolves that I had.

    I have a Sanctuary in Brooksville, Fl. Here I've taken in horses, cows, and all kinds of animals and wildlife. Went got a collage course for Wildlife Fish and Game. Had a 95% average.

    I also help the homeless, elderly, and handicapped for free! Help clean inside and out. Take them food shopping or any where that they need to go at no cost to them.

     I've been crafting for years, take a look at what I've accomplished here. 

      I also besides a lil thrift and craft shop I have here  also  for people who need food, stuff that people donate here I  give away.

       I'm a artist have 2 pictures in the Ringling Brothers Art Museum,Sarasota,Fl. 

      Author under Lookingthruwolfseyes in Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=lookingthruwolfseyes&ref=nb_sb_noss 

      I use to trick ride, x bartender, carpenter. I've had a real 

hard life . Struggling was the name of the game. So I no what you all go through, not funny at the least.

       Lived with wolves all my life without any bite records. People give them a bad rep, that they make the best pet's. I had the most about 30 when I helped rescue about 13 wolves, and wolf dogs,and huskies.

       Well some advice....  Don't let Animal Control or Animal Services on your property! Been through hell with them, setting my place on fire, Lying on reports. Stealing my animal's sneaking at 3 am in my home, stealing others friends that I knew. Working on cases.

      I just decided to sue them 30 times. They wanted a piece of me, so I gave it to them. They had to get 30 Attys, cost you zero. They threw out the cases with out viewing any. And Judge Ruppee said I couldnt represent myself thats violating my civil rights. TREASON. It was me vs county and they fraudly changed the document stating the county vs me. Corrupt as all hell!  1-19-2014 




    They don't do crap for ya in this county. Never took on any of my cases. Lied their azz's off to win a case,never solved any cases from this address. They surely don't give a damn about rape cases!


    Well I'm also into herbs, saved lives with Fenugreek kills cancer , and internal peroxide, NOT EXTERNAL.  Formula 50 makes your hair grow in and fast! Thick too.   

      If I can help you in any way, plz text or call.352 293 5866.Have a wonderful day! Every Morning think FUN AND HAPPY and do it. Remember this if your depressed, you cant change the things in the past, and you don't know the future, so just live in the moment be happy.                         >>>Lookingthruwolfseyes<<<
       People who absolutely love coming here~ At one point I couldnt get people too leave.

                                             Brule ... Brave Hearts

                 My Success Song and Photo that made my x website the

                            TOP 20 IN THE WORLD! Trade mark. Legend

                                             Sacrid Spirits...Dawa

                                              Brule .... Spirit Horses

Sacrid Spirit ....ly o lay ale loya 

Spirit of the dancers

Robert Mirabal...The Dance

         Cougar passed away we think from a snake bite. I've been a train wreck missing him. Rest in peace honey, I hope to see ya soon. Has anyone on near deaths seen there pets in heaven?

                                Cougar my horse

So peaceful here

   A very huge thank you to Wagon Wheel who spouncers me in getting all the free hay they have. A thankyou to the HOT Guys that work there! If it weren't for them it would be hard feeding them all. I run this place alone. Have a EIN Number but I'm not a 501c3. Could use some help in hiring workers, meds, formulas, fencing, feed, and etc.  www.paypal.com too Lookingthruwolfseyes@hotmail.com 

     Walmart has just offered to help me on pet foods. So now I can give away pet products for people who need help. 

         A special Honor too Linda Christian in Animal Control for Sheriffs dep, This ladies been a blessing. We cant let her retire. We love her sooooo much. Been a super good friend! There not all bad.

     Who ever sponsors me I'll add their name here:

Wagon Wheel  off 50/98 by WPA rd.

Wal Mart

Patrick's Produce on Croom Rd.

Food Pantry off Springhill Dr.

Graceland Church on Cob rd.

St Vincent De Paul/stanthonycfs@gmail.com

Mid Florida

Salvation Army

       All these people made it possible to run this place with out any help. Your a blessing, God counts the plus's we do for others.

           Boycott  Ranch Hand Feeds, outrageous pricing, poor ass service, sorry ass attitudes. They selling hay with pesticides in it, to cheap to give away  free loose hay that drops to the ground. Returns.. forget it.

    Boycott Humane Society in Brooksville,Fl. , selling stolen dogs/cats. Lying saying your pets arent there but on the front page of there web site. They changed that real quick when I tried to sue them.

     Boycott the SPCA in Brooksville, Fl. Cause Joey and his mom are animal thieves. Stole my cats! Selling stolen property, Sued them too!

      Thing's are fantastic here! I couldn't ask for a better life. I'm happy all the time, and working my buns off! Loving it!

He was so shy of me.

Horses never stop eating. Neither does the cows.Like a conveyer belt.

      Missy the pig, moved to a new home. More sun, more room to run around... well wobble around. Nope she runs the yard and stays in close to home, crashes out in her bed every night.

He's chowing on the cows hay. The totes had alfalfa hay, timothy, blue orchard, peanut hay etc, bottom hay is timothy / coastal. Hes a old horse but looks really good and acts like a 2 yr old. Frisky, shiny coats. I get a lot compliments for the way my animal's look and behave.

My Honda goes over 100 mph. When it's running. A lot of fun. Some times you have to just give up on your kids that don't bother to come and visit you, or people that are toxic that you try to get away from. Or how they drag ya down. I GOT IT RUNNING!

      When your dead your damn straight your kids will be out stealing all my shit.

      You can't change the past, and future hasn't gotten here yet, so live in the moment. Forget and throw away what you think of family. Bloods thicker then water. Have to count on each other to get threw this hard core world. Its a lot more fun being happy then depressed. In which I never was depressed. Never had time to be depressed. Animals heal. Be good to them. And don't start no shit with some one who has them, cause it could fall back on you. Its none of your business what goes on in some one else's yard. Period.

     Why is it, cow's have no voices? I wish I could stop a cow from being butcherd. It's killing me. Such a sweet cow.

    If some one is low enough to hurt ya, then put on your PF Flyers to haul ass and dump there ass. You don't need them in your life their pieces of shit.

     Women are made of crystal, should be put on a pedestal. Always remember you deserve better. Cheap men are like raising another baby. No thanks.

      I'm not taking in any more animal's in at my age. It's never been not being able to afford feeding them, that's been no problem. I can feed your animal's and mine. It's been extremely hard work keeping up. But I do. Trying to slow down. I get no help. Not that I'd trust any one. Thankyou so much. It's been fun.

   Up date; YES I took in another mare palomino horse, needs help. Has Crushings disease. It's when a horse never sheds their winter coat. And their hoofs need special care. And a small cut wasn't a small cut. First let me show you what she looked like after she was dumped off out here.Heres progress of Suger since she was dumped off here with cushing disease.plz chip in for her meds and special pellets,34.00 a 25 lb bag.meds is 65.oo,leg meds 50.00,alfalfa cubes 20.00,alfalfa hey also.         Lookingthruwolfseyes@hotmail.com in www.paypal.com

ferrier cost too. wow, she deserves to live out her life with no pain, no stress, and pig out all she wants.When she was dumped off at night out here.Theres no way id send this horse back to the guy that neglected her to the max.He should be in jail right about now. but the cops out here dont do shit on my behalf but lie.

   She came here about 2 weeks ago on a sunday night. The guy didnt no her name, didnt give me paper work, nor reciept. in lecanto running a auction.pitaful. Shes doing really well right now, been working on her all day long, sheering the nasty 5 inch knots on her tight to her body,plasterd with mud all on the bottom of her as if hidden in a muddy pig pen. Been one hell of a job. but at least she doesnt have that nasty fur on her where shes cooler.