10-8-2013 Judge gave me my rights back

JUDGE VICTOR J. MUSLEH 10-8-2013 Court Order gave me rights to have them. So THEY ADMITTED THEY CAME TO MY HOME IN MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND STOLEN THEM. STICK SEIZING WHERE THE SUN DONT SHINE. Again our Sheriff Al Nienhuis COVERED FOR HIS COPS FOR STEALING MY DOGS.DID NOTHING. when I was in the right! And the Judge Scagloni on March 9 and 24th said march case could not be opened but they did all the time. That case, the came here they first of all had fraud vet statement that wasny done but a vet. Everything in it was fraud. They showed some one elses animals and also not my horses, got away with it, came out shot all my 29 hybreds, dogs in my back yard for no reason. Tryn to clear the land to get a developement put in and gulf course. Sheriff was sayn no thats not true. Bullshit.2020 there harrassing another single lady in her 80s to still try to get a easement for his 100 acres. Nothing like being greedy and just demons to harrass single women that get no help thats struggling as it is.