HERNANDO COUNTY FL.


                     I NEVER GOT JUSTICE

    The intire motive was for Gary James wanting my land to get into his 100 acres-and make a developement and golf course.. Alan Garmen that worked for the county was doing the blue prints. They all had big hopes but failed. They should of offered me a price i wouldnt refuse.$150,000.00 wasnt gonna cut it. I live here for free. My house is paided off. Why would I move to where I had to pay bills and high taxs. So Gary James made a mud run.

    No other property but mine can get into it. So they all were tryn to run me out.

                        THE BIG PAY OFF!

     Peyton Hyslop called me and said Gary James  made me a offer for my home. Gary James hides under his brothers name. Not the same last name as his. I said no, I have to many animals here and its all dbled fenced I'm not redoing it all over again.(Summer of 2005) Every one elses property has a cliff behind it but mine you can drive right in, no easement to his.


       12-13-2005 Peyton Hyslop was setting me up, kissed me in the tags office hallway.It was my birthday. Faking that he cared about me.


    12- 27- 2005 they throw me in court again. Now what. They sited me for not having 13 2006 tags when it wasnt 2006 yet. PLUS Hernando County Civil Attny John Jouben BROUGHT IN THE TITLE TO MY HOME IN COURT. WTF.

     FRAUD TICKETS.Made up by A.C. GREG HARRISON.TO Help them get my LAND. Mind you he worked in puplic utility's for the county, then went to A.C. to perform his duty to the county to run me out. After he did all the damage that he could  went back to public utility's. Plus Greg Harrison had a interest in the land behind me help[ing them, cause he ran heavy equipment for Gary JAMES if they all got my land.

    They all started to gang up on my azz. About 300 people I had to fight off. Heavy Equipment opperaters including Ian Foster next door, friends to Gary James. 

      Rescues that wanted to get and profit off my animals.

      Real estate brokers, to sell homes built on it.

      You couldnt trust know one. They all were getting paid off.

      Plus the cheer leaders on the side that made many false complaints. not once did the sheriffs dept help me cause they were in on it.

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