2-20-2013 cops stole dogs sneaking in my home 3am


    Sheriffs Dept lied, told people they were wolves to justify there corrupt actions.They were hoping they d catch me with wolves as they planned out a 3am visit to my home, had me occupied online so they could sneak in my home steal my 3 dogs.

    3am I was coughing, smoke in the living room. I got my dogs and took them out side. waited about 1/2 an hour. Came back in with them. I noticed they were staring at something in the yard, then they jetted threw the hallway to out back, that was the last I seen of them.

     I went to Hernando County Animal Control, they hid them out in the bad dog section so I wouldn't find them. Well I did. Normally when they steal your dog they give them back. They never gave me back my property. I went to the office, passed by Linda Christian, all I said was to the clerk is I want my records of who stole my dogs. They wouldn't give me any records.

   Then they thought we ll give her a no trespassing in a public facility.