Dennis Purdy

7465 Simmons St.

Brooksville, FL  34613

May 16, 2011

The Honorable Richard Tombrink, Jr.           

Circuit Judge

Hernando County

20 North Main Street, Room 444

Brooksville, FL  34601                                   May 16, 2011

Dear Judge Tombrink:

I'm sure you recognize my name as being in your courtroom last Wednesday on behalf of Sharon Schwindt.  Today I sat down with Sharon for the first time to discuss the written order as well as what had transpired while I was out of the courtroom, cooling my heals in the hallway.  The reason I am involved in this case is because I have read the entire history of it and have had no problem seeing that Sharon has had her rights violated by the county from the very beginning.

You made the statement in court the other afternoon that I was not familiar with the history of the case.  While I haven't been in the courtroom, I have read every motion, every order, and every official complaint, and Sharon's life history dating back to 1966.  What I see is a single female, suffering from PTSD, harassed by a former husband and victimized by a legal system that on one hand threatens huge fines and jail on one hand and on the other holds out a way out through plea bargains.

Concerning the case in point.  Sharon Schwindt has not been charged with abusing or even neglecting her animals.  She's been cited for not having them tagged or them maybe getting lose.  Most of those tickets were plea bargained away when Sharon wouldn't have lost had they gone to trial.  I've seen the receipts for the tags covering times when she was cited for not having them.  I know at least a majority of the citations wouldn't have held up in a criminal case.

But I don't think she was ever in criminal court.  She was always cited into Circuit Court, where it is quite obvious the poor don't get even close to a fair shake.  Take the hearing Wednesday for instance.  Shar asked for a court appointed attorney but was denied.  A court appointed attorney would have immediately pointed out that there wasn't any additional evidence Jon Jouben could present from the hearing on December 13, 2011.  Nothing had happened between the date of the motion in November to the date of his motion on December 21.  He had basically shot his entire wad on December 13.  A court appointed attorney would have objected to any statement from any witness concerning the February 4, 2011 incident involving the Kibbit's sheep or any of the photos presented as all that evidence has to be excluded because Plaintiff had not been notified in advance that it would be presented.  Plaintiff's case complete, a court appointed attorney would have moved for summary judgement as the county has not presented a new case but the same one they had already presented to Hitzemann and been denied.

The U.S. Constitution is every explicit, you can't take a persons liberty or property without due process.  And you can't tell me that Sharon got due process Wednesday.  But then I don't think she has ever gotten due process.  That law that Jouben used to take away the animals was never intended to purmanently deprive anyone permanently.  It was only there to allow the state to remove animals that the owner had abused or neglected as long as the person wasn't able to properly care for the animal.  Jouben as turned it into a right for the state to remove a person's right to own their food source a huge violation of human rights.

Now I'm going to ask you to set this right.  Dismiss the case against Sharon Schwindt and let her get her animals back.  Order Jouben to leave her alone.


Dennis D. Purdy

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