Family Pics

               To make ya smile about~

Johnny took me out for my Birthday. Had fun!

Loved it. Wish it was my Birthday every day.

One big happy family! Loves in the air...

1-2-2018 ayden animals

Love you soooo much Levi Deweese.

Wish I could see you.

I guess if it werent for me, none of them would be here today.

Doesnt make ya jealous how gorgeous she is.

Shes so pretty,2 handsome boys.Christians a good young man.

Amys gorgeous too!

Crystals my angel.

Aydens such a pumpkin! 


11-11-1986 Crystals birthday

Tanya was 15yr-Johnny 8yrs Crystal 4 yrs old

Bre my sweetest of hearts! love you soooo much!

Aydens soo shy. I love

him sooo much!