HERNANDO COUNTY FL.


                     I NEVER GOT JUSTICE

The intire motive was for Gary James wanting my land to get into his 100 acres-and make a developement and golf course.. No property but mine can get into it. So they all were tryn to run me out. THE BIG PAY OFF! Peyton Hyslop called me and said they made me a offer for my home. I said no, I have to many animals here and its all dbled fenced I'm not redoing it all again.(Summer of 2005) Evey one elses property has a cliff behind it but mine you can drive right in, no easement.

12-13-2005 Peyton Hyslop was setting me up, kissed me in the tags office hallway.It was my birthday.

Court was in Dec 2005, Hernando County Jon Jouben brings in the Title to MY HOUSE! WTF IS THAT SHIT, OVER NOT HAVING 2006 TAGS IN DEC, THAT WASNT EVEN 2006 YET! FRAUD TICKETS.Made up by A.C. GREG HARRISON.TO GET MY LAND.

      1-6-2006  Jon A.Jouben,Esq

                     cc;Frank McDowell,III

   ( Frank McDowell was arrested for sex acts in the County Commissioners.)

                     Peyton Hyslop

     Sent a letter out sayn I kept calling there. Dauh~I didnt want my innocent

 MY 13 Pups  to die,for no reason at all!

   That I was sent a letter to comply in 20 days to come forth if I wanted my animals,I kept calling Peyton Hyslop my so called Attorney,to find out if he was compling to the courts.He'd never call me back.I was tryn to find out what they wanted from me to legally comply,see'n my Attorney was too busy having affairs with everyone;So even up to the last day near 5 pm I had paper work written just in case he didn't do crap.Sure Im on video in hallway of court house,he never returned my calls, I had my own court papers drawn up and delivered before 5:00pm, he didn't do shit. Peyton Hyslop said he'd take my cases on pro bono..my ass!

    While i found him in the hallway sitting next to a client,flirting with his hand on her lap. Sooooooo I went and filed papers myself compling. Jon Jouben stating Ive been calling County Commisioners. Peyton Hyslop ignored my pleas to save them, and if he was my atty doing this pro bono, he should have answered their motion. but didn't, i did!

1-12-2006 6 fraud tickets. Hernando County Officer Greg Harrison wrote up 6 fraud tickets. My pups never left my yard #1,I have photos.


1-14-2006 Ian Staged Savages Death


This man was arrested for stealing a tractor while he was doing Gary James property trying to make a road to go back there, but couldnt.

There was no bite marks on Ian Fosters dog.Wildlife Fish and Game Steve De Claur said  Ian Foster should of been arrested for killing Savage.A wolf gonna take flesh not fur he said.       You can see where he cut the fur off the thickest part of the tail to shuve in Savages mouth. He let him out of his pen, shot him. Savage wasnt a digger or jumper. He had pups in that pen he wouldnt leave.

1-18-2006 Peyton Hyslop No Male officers were aloud at my home- Judge said wasnt aloud on my property. But there surely was alot of men officers when they stole my  13 Pups and shot 29 animals in my back yard for no reason   Mar 24 2006 .

1-19-2006 PHOTO OF LOUISE JONES VAN, WHEN Louise Jones  TOLD DEPUTYS SHE NO LONGER LIVED AT THAT ADDRESS.LIE.HIDDEN ON LEFT SIDE OF HOUSE, SO WE COULDN'T SEE IT.She was always calling and complaing making false call's, just so theyd come out and harass me.


2-6-2006 2 Wild Wolves I wasnt respouncable for I kept getting tickets

2-28 2006 Ian Foster (neighbor to my right), Edard Negron , (Darrell Mullins and Louise Jones neighbors to the left) Created a HATE CRIME SITE on me to destroy my reputation,IP address  SARGEANT SCHNEIDER said it was  IAN FOSTERS. Below its graphic, skip the picture if you dont wanna see how sick these people were. Edgard Negrons (white shepherd breeder),Melissa Kondratick (in Lupine Assoc in Archives in 2006), Kathy Moessinger (real a state broker also) motive was to steal my animals to clear the land to run me off. The intire motive was for Gary James wanting my land to get into his 100 acres-and make a developement and golf course.. Alan Garman was doing the blue prints. No property but my property can get into it.So they all were tryn to run me out. Im not stupid enough to buy property I couldnt get to.The neighborhood alert was a sick letter they concocked thinkn it worked to make one neighbor haul as, so they ran that bullshit by me.The van picture shows they were also stalking me by video.Those are his mutts he changed started valling them white timber wolves, no such thing. Cause thats what people wanted was MY PUPS. NOT HIS.So he lied to the puplic.Wasnt the first lie.the xs were when he was stalking me and my daughter, he tried running my daughter over twice and then hit a black truck. and ran. Brooksville City cops didnt do shit. All on video.was proof we were suppose to of been there, he lied said we were stalking him, he was stalking us.

3-9-2006 BRENDA ROGERS & ARLENE BALLENGER STOLE MY HEALTHY PUPS LIED ABOUT THEIR CONDITION ON A FRAUD REPORT.13 PUPS THEY STOLE.They hid my pups out, raided a guy on Peach tree Grove road that had 13 pups too. Near Jill Bashs house that stole my horse SPIRIT for the county. Put my name on his sick pups, used another horses picture in court that wasnt my horse.look at grounds, were clean. Nothing wrong with my pups.

THE GROUNDS WERE CLEAN,JUST LET HIS ASS DANGLE..She's been the cause of alot stolen animals in the middle of the night.on A.C. report on file of employment.

2006 and 2017- The vets wife said that went into a.c. mornings started his own business, with our stolen dogs in this County.She says she remembered what the county did to me, ya think. Plus gave me a bag of dog food. I didnt need it, They weremt thin. I took it anyways.As soon as I brought Bubba my shepherd in for his shots, healthy, he was stollen with his son in my yard,long story there. that comes in at mar 9 2017 i think.

Brenda Rodgers was stealing animals, her excuse was being there in the middle of the night was because at 3 am is when she d be on the prowl.theyve had so much nerve with out search warrent they walk right in the back door and steal them. March 9th 2006, Mar 24 2006 Sept 9TH 2007 Feb 20 2013 Mar 6 20 2018   I know that for a fact.They always claimed roaming cause they cant get a search warrent. unfit my ass!

Report doesnt have a vets name on it, doesnt say breed,color, sex, weight, age, no proof at all.But they did steal a mans pups on Peachtree Grove rd, I heard on news same damn time they stole mine. Many people were up set with them, so they put my name on that mans pups, disappeared with mine. I told them they better give them Albon, cause after switching owners they may get Cocidda.So they added it to the report as if they had it. Lie. Actually her son came over and appoligized to me about his mother A.C.Brenda Rodgers.

doesnt say a vets name, breed, age, sex, color, weight,bullshit they were wormed.Had no fleas.No mange . NO NOTHING! As many people they've ripped off im surprised there heads dont look like swiss cheese.


Ian Foster,Edgard Negron,Darrell Mullens, Louise Jones make a hate crime site filling peoples heads with more lies.

March 24 2006 Jouben presented fraud evidence of puppies that werent mine, and a horse that wasnt mine. I showed Judge Scaglioni the tags I completed less the 30 days, jouben lied said i was in contempt when i wasnt to get me back into court. Showed him the meds I had gotten for them so they didnt have worms, I gave pups Albon I showed him, and Panacur, for pups. So I was always found ...never a verdict, just a bunch of illegal crap going on. So the Judge tells me to get on the phone to the people who have my horse they stole, and they were saying Spirits there horse. I dont think so. She was illegally stolen from my yard by Jill Bash.

   So the County comes out and has guns there illegally not to have at that time, shooting my animals. 29 animals shot and dragged out for no reason. By Hernando County a.c. Greg Harison & Hernando County a.c. Arlene Ballenger.

5-20-2011 court, same day as fire to see my face loosing everything. But that didn't stop them. final judgement tombrink pg 1

5-20-2011 FIRE my place was set on fire the day I had to go to court, in front of this fag! I lost my RV with everything i owned in it. My new Truck. Firebird, Camaro, a trailor filled pc's to give too children,my bedroom was set on fire to.Mean while there was stuff that doesnt burn that was missing from the fire. I knew that fire was set. There was no 110 hooked up to it, and zero propane. Fire Marchell said he 'd say the refrig did it to claim on insurance. the tire by the refrig and truck was not on fire. the truck you can see gas was poured in the back. 2 tone discoloration. My bedroom was all black from fire.They think what ever they do is a joke, just like making a court date april fools day 2011 court house is closed.

   The Sheriff Al Nienhaus doesnt give a shit what his deputies  do. He covers for them.

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