1). 1969 John Bass raped me in Venice Fl.I was only 15 yrs old.

2.)1-23-2000 Darrell Griffin raped me,deputys didnt do shit. Darrell also. was on preditors list raped me. Sheriff Nugent didnt do crap.

 5-0-1986 raped driving home  from bartending. went to bed, fell asleep to find a man jim, jumping on top of me raping me.

7-4-1986 got abortion rapist


 7-15-2002 Complaint Ankle Braclet Guy Tried raping me in Juinelle Justice in Ocala, Fl.

The guard at juvenille justice system in Ocala also came here tried raping me.


. Happy Jack in yahoo, also raped me. Nugient again did nothing.


then another guy raped me from hill top leaving the place in my rv. He jumped in drove my rv to interstate raped me,best friends came to visit.they knew something was wrong when i didnt return home. Vickie Langties.


. THE HERANDO TODAY, CHRIS raped me after tryn to sell me a Hernando Today newspaper. Again Sheriff Nugient did'n do shit.Orange van.

12-21-2005 Peyton Hyslop was tryn to have sex w me so Id sign papers,x Judge and attny in my back room..

. JAN 1 2009 THIS GUY TRIED ALSO KILLING ME, AND RAPING ME. BUT BY THE TIME I GOT THREW WITH HIM, HE DIDNT THINK ABOUT SEX NO MORE!!! Hernando County Sheriffs Dept caught him but didnt do shit at the end of croom rd.

3-3-2009 BO raped me  hangs out and lives by rebar. white truck i do believe.


6).2009  Joshua Mayo, DC#806044 Joshua Mayo Raped me, was in preditors list in prison, our Sheriff Nugent didn't do shit to protect me.

JOSHUA L MAYO Inmate 806044: Florida DOC Prisoner ...

www.publicpolicerecord.com › florida › 806044

MAYO JOSHUA L 806044 View arrest, prison and release information for this inmate that ... Florida Prison (DOC) Arrest Records for Inmate JOSHUA L MAYO ... DC Number: 806044 ... Date In-Custody, Date Out-of-Custody ... 08/01/1982, SEX BAT BY ADULT/VCTM LT 12, 09/02/1992, HERNANDO, 9000109, 25Y 0M 0D.

Joshua Lee Mayo - Sex Offender or Predator in Spring Hill, FL ...

www.homefacts.com › ... › Spring Hill
View Sex Offender or Predator registry info for Joshua Lee Mayo in Spring Hill, FL 34606 - FL35462.
Missing: DC# 806044
check this link out. unreal!
03/28/2013POSSESS METHAMPHETAMINE09/12/2013HERNANDO13006046Y 8M 8D
he s raped so many women, at least there Sheriffs dept did something. this ones a piece of shit.

------the law never does crap for me!-----------------

Some one deleted my file that had pictures. ill find them and post.

  Notice the sheriffs dept never gets involved with helping women on rape cases.Be cause there pieces of shit, probably rape women them selves!