5-20-2011 date on cameras wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXRP1N-MJrk

The thing was, the tag was missing on the back of my rv. I guess it was for a trophy. Plus the tires on the rear of the rv werent burnt. so that tells ya the fron passanger tire furthous from site was the first part of the rv set on fire. But I did look out my windows, seen two small flames threw windows, i thought was just a reflection. 

    I woke up by the fire department banging on my door telling me to get out so I did with my two huskies.

    Deputy Kramer a corrupt deputy told me in front of Dennis Purdy, "Now dont call the Sheriffs Dept Shar".I knew he had something to do with it.Along with Civil Attny Joun Jouben

   I had court the same day so I could walk in and The corrupt Civil Attny,Deputy Kramer and Judge could see the look on my face. Last court date they made was on April Fools day when court house was closed., every thing was a joke to them.

    This is what Jouben put on internet in his profile when this happened.Not the first time they tried killing my ass for my land.

The Fire Marchell said we ll just say the refrigerator did it so you could collect on insurance.

    Hm I looked at him strangle thought, it wasn't the refrigerator cause I had no propane, and it wasnt electric cause at first when i was walking up to my rv, the power cord was not plugged in. So I knew it was arson.

   You can see where the tire by the refrig wasn't burned at all inbetween the rv and truck, and the gas was thrown in on the back of the truck. 

     Funny thing glass doesnt burn, the person who did this loaded up on stuff, 3 dimensional wolf plakes, other things I knew was missing not in the fire.