thats why-Celebration of life./no blood/no death cert certified/no obituarys/no real tears/tanisha sayn when he comes home to see her place/why Lauren cant talk about it/why the main witness s set free/ why its sealed case/ why holder was getting paided $75,000.00/ Kerry with a dumb look on his face/dj and legend smiling/why threw flowers off the hurse/why no casket photos/ why nips grand mother said he hopes holders ok/who says that after your grand sons been murdered/i watched emotions, knowing which were fake, which were real/why they celebrated bought new cars/why the father was smiling/he s alive. Why Cowboys helping Nip, Why Blacc Sam hauled ass.News is fake.Heaf count of virus probably fake too to get rip of trump/fake news/ NEWS used what other people SAID,TO PRINT A STORY. THERE ALL WITH THE CIA. WHAT VIDEO.There was a video of a dummie Coyboy was holding and Nip tripped, Cowboy helped Nip up same spot he was supposely killed. I  knew he was alive. Wolfeyes means seeker of truth. And thats what your gonna get here. Now we all need to do is back off. Post his videos to keep him with us. But ride with him. Where hes at is why he said our enimies are a blessing. GOOD JOB! Hurry for Nipsey Hussle. Means Tupacs alive too. Need a place to stay, theyd never find ya at this dump.I knew Nipsey was smarter then that. All the signs were there. But people were to blind to see. So all that bullshit you seen, was made up.Thats how they get there stories.Thats why the tri pod was there the night before.I'LL POST SOME PICS FROM THAT VIDEO. Comment below plz.

upacs alive too. anti christ is the game there playn.

TMZ makes up these wild death stories of celebeties thats with the CIA.Why do you think thy get them first. They want big those videos. tupac is talking sayn where he was shot. dissappeared for 7 yrs like the bible. crazy ass shit.

Whos this on the roof? And whos taking that photo?


Thats what Ive been sayn. he got a temp citizenship there. So now we know the truth. The Drve I doubts been murdered as they say. Its a cover up for sure. Now I can enjoy his music, and not feel hurt listening to it. God Bless you all, and to Nipsey. Hope you return home soon.Call if ya need any help. 352 293 5866. I already have your number! :)

Sorry don't trust neither of them, I think their involved. Rich people don't care about any ones lives... only there own.

The night before he was killed. Now look at that man stairing at him. Looks as though he s talkn on a phone, Nip looks uneasy about the guy. Who is that guy? Whos taking that picture? Who did he go to the game with. Possably was his body guard.

       Before Nipseys death by a neighbor that was pistol whipped by Holder a hour before Nip was murdered. But the driver never mention this episode happening did she?

The investigation into the fatal shooting of Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle has reached Passaic County, where prominent attorney Harley D. Breite is representing two sisters who, days after the killing, shared their home with a California man who may be a key witness. 

The California man, Blaise Carafello, claims to have been pistol-whipped by Eric Holder, the man charged with shooting Hussle. The attack allegedly occurred about an hour before the superstar rapper was gunned down on March 31. Carafello apparently never reported the altercation to police, but he told the two sisters about the violent encounter after he came to live with them in New Jersey on April 9. 

Breite said the two sisters didn't know Carafello was a potential witness in the Hussle murder case when they took him in. To protect his clients, Breite had the women give a statement to a private investigator on Saturday, and he has since sent it to the District Attorney's Office in Los Angeles.

Breite said he hadn't spoken to the office, so he doesn't know how prosecutors see Carafello's alleged involvement in the case. But the women with whom he stayed in New Jersey said they knew nothing about their friend's alleged encounter with Holder until after he arrived. 

"My clients never committed any crime," Breite said. "They offered him a place to stay. They were not aiding or abetting anybody fleeing from criminal prosecution."

A partially redacted copy of the statement sent to the District Attorney's Office was obtained by and the USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey. The statement redacts the names and the address of the sisters. 

The woman who gave the statement is identified only by the initials "LL." She said Carafello contacted her on Facebook "in late March" with a vague story that he'd had an "altercation" with a man in his Long Beach, California, apartment building.

"He said he would visit his mother but stay with us," LL said. "We didn't think anything was wrong." 

Hussle, 33, was gunned down on March 31; Holder was arrested on April 2 and charged with murder. Carafello arrived by bus at Penn Station in Newark on April 9. 

Hussle, a musician and an entrepreneur, preached the doctrine of black empowerment through reinvestment in the neighborhood. He died in front of his Marathon Clothing store, and his violent end galvanized the city and led to a huge outpouring of grief. 

Hussle's funeral on April 11 at the 20,000-seat Staples Center in Los Angeles drew a 25-mile-long procession.

Carafello apparently never went to the Los Angeles Police Department. 

"Blaise told me he was scared to report the incident because he knew Eric was a gang member and that he had sold him marijuana," LL said in the statement.

Days after Holder's arrest, Carafello boarded a bus bound for Newark for the three-day ride to New Jersey. First he was to visit his mother, then move in with the two sisters, she said. 

The woman said Carafello stayed with them until May 14, then left, leaving behind most of his belongings.

"The only thing he said was he was going to see a lawyer with his brother," LL said in the statement. 

Carafello's where abouts are unknown. 

"Nipsey Hussle last photos"...Please tell me that is NOT the new Deputy Chief of LAPD...Emada Tingirides taking a picture with Nipsey Hussle right before he was murdered? the same Exact spot!
Chris Dorner was hunting her. In his Manifesto, her street name is "Chupacabra"!

Chupacabra Signature move:
Kicking people in the FACE, while they're handcuffed! - Chris Dorner's Manifesto

Nipsey was at the game the night before. Check out these two faces, tell me who they are. 

He hid his true feelings, But that HURT HIM DEEP!

Lauren I finally caught on to what you were tryn to say, but couldnt. Call you call me. its urgent. 352 293 5866.

wtf is this shit! ^she cant talk about their split up. Alot longer then 3 days. 

The morning,just before he was murdered. Who ever put last dance is sick, cruel.