Old Classic Lookingthruwolfseyes

Pages that I've found, I'd like to share with you.

This site had 8 thousand pages to it. It was the top 20 in the World. You could sit down and amuse yourself with so many things. Medicine Wheel was fun pages. Family pages, and pages that showed the corruption that was going on.But it was wrong in other peoples eyes to allow the facts to be exposed. And what we went threw as a family. It distroyed us all. All for a piece of land...my land. Trying to run us off to build a developement and golf course. Know one thought, she was here first, and so were the wolves. And if ya didnt like wolves, why in the hell did ya move next door for.To start trouble. It was never about the wolves, it was about the demons that ran their souls. They constantly stole all we had, set fire to our place tryn to kill us. We were just a normal family having cook outs, having fun. Those days are long gone.

Thee Wall Was the wall,I had tried to build to protect the Wolves from anyone hurting them.It was a Section of my website to show every one the progress of them,And how they were doing.As The people who conspired to destroy my life and theres,were getting off on the pages written about them.As if they were now added too "Lookingthruwolfseyes".There was No Way,I wanted these things to enter THEE WALL,But I had to let the public know what was going on,See'n it being in the top 20 Web Site in the World.The thing is they Hacked the web site by hacking into my computor so the truth wouldnt be known.Im Recontructing these pages for attorneys/detectives that are looking at these cases that Im in the processes of suing.If you come across any link that doesnt work,Please let me know.Im Spidering out My website so if they hack it again,They can only hack a portion of it~Not the intire thing.Most of these pages are closed to the public.If the public reads them,Then their hacking again into my site.I hope you enjoy them~I have to correct so many links~Id really appreciate which ones doesnt work,To tell Me.Some links are just posted for a page to be created on that subject.Thank you and have a nice day~THEE WALL WASNT CREATED TO FIGHT AMOUNGST THEM.IT WAS TO ONLY TELL THE TRUTH OF WHAT WAS GOING ON.