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Bella had a heart attack or stroke. I  came into my bedroom, her head was side ways, she had no control of her legs, etc. I went into a panic. She couldnt breath well so I put her on my breathing machine. In fear of her dyhdrating i gave her pedilite for electro lights. Her jaws were closed shut so to feed her at first made her scambles eggs, but as soft as that was it wasnt good enough to get down to keep her strength up so i scrambled eggs and put in large syringe fed her that way.At that point I thought she was getting better. Baby asprin for pain, mucus in her eyes so I knew something was hitting her lungs so i gave her predizone, cleared up the mucus. So i went to go feed the horses,cow, etc and I came in the back way, went up stairs she was gone.WTF! She couldnt walk where did she go? So I ran through my home, went downstairs, through the front door, threw the front porch, to the drive way, to the front gate is where she was laying waiting on me to come in. I was shocked, wondering if she actually went down the stairs or has fallen. Well she was so heavy, I got her to the front door so I could help her and watch her, and then she died.

   Plz you have no clue how faithful your pets are to you. Plz give them all your love, cause ya never know when something as far as death can happen at any moment. It tares ne apart she went so far just to get to me.

   Bella I hope your at the gates to greet me when I die.Dear God pains so unreal.

     Her daughters are Keesha & Mercedese. In which Mercedese recently died from bladder failure.

And Keesha now sits at the top of the stairs waiting on her mom to come in that passed away recently too.From heart attack.

Mercedese was given too Johnny and Amy as a pup. Very well behaved Shepherd. I'm shocked I was able to get a picture of her just before she passed away. They went to every emergancy hospitol to help her, none did. Money talks more then saving a animal's life. They don't give a shit. We all loved you Mercedese. We'll see ya soon. Now your with your mom.Too sad. Heres a picture of Keesha, which is my SERVICE DOG.

Keeshas alive, doing well.She can say 

i love you' and water.Making her learn how to talk to get her message across. Shes a Service dog, wakes me up when I have night mares. That happens to often.Shes truelly a service dog.Im her servant.lol I love her sooooo much!

   Keesha sits at the top of the strairs, wont move waiting for her mom to come in the front door. So damn sad. Dont ever under estimate your dogs intelligence.Breaks my heart. She doesnt understand that she ll never see her again.