This is Truelly.Gorgeous horse but a Lil bit too spirited to ride.Unless you want a few broken bones.

(Above) These are baby peacocks.(below) Same Peacocks. Arent they gorgeous?

They grew up over night it seems.Breath taking to watch.

I just got CoCo saved his lil life from getting his head chopped off. Know one told me that they actually grow up to be large cows. If I would of known.....I need help repairing all the damn fences, since its been raining alot, post are loose, now he thinks he s big shot, breaking out of every where. He's bigger then my race horse. 3 times the size.Unbelievably huge.

Coco always had to stick his head in feed bags and get stuck. Was just too funny. Making sure he didnt hurt himself. He was a clown! Loveable too. Yes people can have cows for pets with out eatting them.