Wolves Make The Best Pets

                                                    Star and Niko

Some things to know about Wolves is...

(1)They can hear 10 miles away, 

(2) smell 5 miles away.

(3)They walk like there sneaking up to do something wrong, but thats not the case, thats just how they walk. Get over it.

(4) Wolves have a dark spot on the thickest part of there tail, which is a gland that stops them from surling there tail or wagging there tail. Get over it if that tails not wagging, there not upset.

(5) Wolves chests are narrow, there legs are long, they have short ears, there skull is flat, there fur is tri-color each strand-never a solid color.

(6) Wolves have gold eyes and they stare alot only because there curious animals. Eye color intimidates people..get over it.

(7) female wolves go into heat at age of 2 yrs old. They have 4 to 5 cubs. Normally try to get into new homes at 5 weeks old to bond with them.

(8) There vocal cords are differant then a dog, so its gonna scare ya.. get over it too.

(9) Worst fear of having a wolf, isn't what harm they never do.. but a ass hole neighbor that poisens them. That why there life spane is only 6 yrs old some one kills them.

(10) Wolves don't attack people, theres people that lie about situations to be vendictive. Its not funny when they lie about them to cause them death for no reason.

(11) To have one you have to dble your fences. Chain link, over 6 feet tall, fencing on the inside ground so they dont dig out. I found hot wire works the best to keep them in, unless a neighbor watchs ya leave and turns them loose.

((12) Best thing to do is NEVER BRAG ABOUT YOUR WOLF cause some ass holes gonna try to take them from you.

((13) Wolves require a lot water, there feces turns white actually like stone, if there not getting enough water.

(14) wolves will normally crap on your bed, at least once to claim territory.

(15) Never yell or hit a wolf.

(16) Wolves are poultry eatters, yes they need bones, even chicken bones are required, they have specia teeth to grine them suckers up. Done panic. But they need farm bought chicken, not grocery stores cause theres chemicals in it. You can feed it to them raw. 

    Also fish eatters, Wild Game, Beef is not good for them. Thy get a jelly lookn stool if you feed them beef. Thats why the really do not attack cattle. Farmers claim they do cause the Government gives them alot money. They just go buy some more cows. Ruining the wolfs rep.

     They also eat vegtables, fruits,herbs.

(17) If your allergic to a dog, you wont be of a wolf.

(18) They also do embark which tels ya there blood contant. A vet can do.

(19) But a vet if you tell him he;s a wolf, they cant practice on wild life. You basically have to say its a huskie.

(20) Bond with them show them all your love to take away the timidness. No they weren't beaten thats just the way they are. 

(21) A wolf is smarter then a k9.

(22) Wolves are nurtering animal's, take care of all puppys in other litters. Wolves are very loving animal's any ways.

(23) They will teach you to look at there face expressions , is how the communicate to you. Watch take notes.

(24) Another thing about wolves is its like opening a can of worms, you ll have people acting like a no it all, or have people that wanna turn ya in, etc. Just sue the fk out of them, I'll be glade to show you how.

(25) Wolves are not aggressive animal's, if you mix with aggressive breed, blame that breed, not the wolf. They dont make good watch dogs. Unless there mostly dog.

I'm wearing T backs, get your minds out of the gutters.